Summer Road Trip Tips w/ Marty Snyder

It’s that time of year in Pittsburgh…ROAD TRIP! Whether it’s high school seniors celebrating their next chapter in life in Ocean City, or the family packing up the car and headed to OBX, the roads are soon to be filled with summer travelers. That’s why this month’s blog is all about helping you get to your summer vacation destination as smoothly and safely as possible.  

Pennsylvania Driver Safety Coordinator, Martin Snyder, gave some helpful tips on how to be best prepared to avoid hiccups and even dangerous situations on your vacation route.  

For drivers, the simplest things can make THE biggest difference. For example, DON’T BE A HERO! Especially after the last two years we have all been anxious to get some rest and relaxation at the beach, but drivers must be patient and realistic. Meaning, if you’re tired or drowsy, don’t hesitate to stop and get some rest. If you run into inclement weather use extreme caution and again, don’t be afraid to take a little break. 

Besides just staying alert behind the wheel, there are other things that you can do to ensure your safety on the highway before you even start your engine: 

  • Make sure your windows, headlights, taillights and sensors are clean.  
  • Double check to make sure your mirrors are limiting blind spots 
  • Always choose the route that YOU feel is the safest. 

Snyder says that you can never be too prepared for the open road, and that’s where having the right equipment always comes in handy: 

  • user manual 
  • first aid kit 
  • flashlight & batteries 
  • cell phone and charger 
  • emergency road kit 
  • water 
  • window breaker/seat belt cutter tool 
  • empty 2-gallon container 

Additionally, Snyder recommends taking it a step further to make sure that your vehicle is ready for the open road. That means taking your vehicle to your dealership or a trusted mechanic for a multipoint inspection for obvious issues. 

  • tire wear and pressure (Including spares) 
  • brake depth, lines, and hoses 
  • equipment functionality (lights, turn signals, wipers, etc.) 
  • under the hood (battery, oil, transmission, etc.) 
  • fluids (wiper, oil, power steering, etc.) 
  • under the car (suspension, exhaust, leaks, etc.) 

Although many of these suggestions and tips seem to be common sense, a friendly reminder never hurts when it comes to your family’s safety. So, this summer, double check your mirrors, set your route, start your engine, and enjoy that much needed time away…in a Rohrich vehicle of course.

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