Rohrich Service Centers vs Independent Mechanics

The Rohrich Automotive Group is, and has always been, a “customer first” organization. That’s why each of our dealerships have top-notch service centers, equipped to keep your vehicle running like new, long after that first day you take it off our lot. When you purchase your car with us, you have invited us to handle ALL your service needs. While independent mechanics are in need and have a place, they do not receive the same type of brand specific training that our technicians receive.  

“I recommend it both professionally and personally. For me, I’ve always preferred to get my car serviced out of a dealership because those technicians are trained on MY vehicle. So, if there is some sort of issue, malfunction, noise, etc.; They will most likely find the root cause way easier.” says Rohrich Mazda’s Jay Obertance. 

Rohrich Automotive’s dealerships have state-of-the-art computer equipment that allows service center staff to deep dive and diagnose any potential issue. When using a branded service center like ours, your vehicle is being fixed with genuine manufacturer parts instead of the aftermarket parts used by many independent mechanics. The technicians in our service centers are also constantly enhancing their skills and staying up to date on new parts as the car industry evolves.  

“The ongoing training that Toyota provides allows our team of technicians to keep up with the ever advancements in technology on new cars.” adds Rohrich Toyota’s Jason Hudson. 

In addition to brand specific maintenance, original equipment parts and ongoing technician training, there are many other advantages that you don’t receive when you choose an independent auto mechanic. Examples of this include complementary car washes, up-to-date recall information, and warranty of labor perks.  

At a Rohrich dealership, we even go a step beyond the standard value-added benefits mentioned above. Rohrich customers are automatically enrolled into our Rohrich Advantage Program that offers free oil changes, state inspections and more throughout the entire lifetime of your vehicle.  

Schedule a service appointment today and take advantage of all that we have to offer here at Rohrich.  

For more information on the Rohrich Advantage, click here 


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