Are Lexus Cars Expensive To Maintain?

Lexus is renowned for its quality, offering unmatched comfort, modern features, and premium materialism, making it a coveted luxury brand in the automotive world. However, luxury often comes with a price tag, which begs the question: Are Lexus cars expensive to maintain? In this article, we delve into Lexus and its maintenance needs and see if upkeeping a Lexus is a costly matter. Let’s dig in! 


Overview of Lexus Maintenance Costs

How much Lexus maintenance costs vary significantly based on several factors including:


Age and mileage of the vehicle

A Lexus car that has gone on many trips will have a high mileage. High mileage tends to raise maintenance prices because the vehicle likely has wear and tear on critical parts. The same goes for age. An older Lexus typically needs more care due to aging parts and features. Repair or even replacements are often required on an older model Lexus.   


Specific model and trim level

Maintenance costs for Lexus vehicles can significantly differ based on the specific model and trim. Some Lexus models cost more to manufacture and have pricier amenities than others. This is especially true for higher-trim Lexuses, which often have additional luxury features and advanced technologies. These premium features sometimes require specialized service, driving up maintenance costs. 


lexus cars expensive to maintainDriving habits

How you drive your Lexus can substantially impact maintenance requirements. For instance, aggressive acceleration and heavy-footed gas pedal use can stress components. 

Usage patterns matter too – the more you use and the tougher the terrain, the higher the chance for more wear. Frequent short trips also demand more maintenance than highway cruising.  


Routine Lexus Maintenance (With Rohrich Automotive)


Strictly sticking to your maintenance schedule is important in keeping your Lexus in good condition. Here are some useful things to engage in:


Scheduled service intervals

Keeping a regular service schedule is crucial for minimizing maintenance costs for your Lexus vehicle. This proactive approach allows for the early detection of potential issues, ensuring optimal performance and contributing to the longevity of your car. By keeping all components in good condition, you can prevent the need for major repairs, ultimately saving you money in the long run.


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lexus cars expensive to maintain

Oil changes 

Regular oil changes are pivotal in maintaining engine performance and fuel efficiency by ensuring the engine remains well-lubricated and other critical components are in good condition. While oil changes for higher-end vehicles like Lexus might be slightly more expensive than those for non-luxury cars, the frequency remains similar.


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lexus cars expensive to maintainTire maintenance

Your vehicle’s tires play a crucial role in maintaining its overall condition. Properly inflated tires improve fuel efficiency and reduce strain on other components. Regular tire rotation and wheel alignments also play a significant role in extending the lifespan of your tires. If you aim to keep maintenance costs in check and increase the longevity of your tires, prioritizing tire maintenance is a must. 


Lexus Parts and Repairs


OEM vs. aftermarket parts

When it comes to maintaining your Lexus, using an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) over aftermarket parts offers key benefits. Firstly, OEM parts are manufactured using high standards and designed to ensure compatibility with your car. This ensures precise fit and performance. Secondly, OEM parts often come with manufacturer warranties, so any defects are covered. Lastly, choosing OEM parts when selling your Lexus contributes significantly to preserving its resale value.


Common repairs and associated costs

Repairs and costs vary depending on the model and age of your car. But to give you an example, look at the Lexus RX350. Some of the common repairs include water pump replacement ($500 – $600), cabin air replacement ($79 – $87), and airbag module ($718 – $742). 


Warranty Coverage

Owning a Lexus provides access to various warranty options, including:


Basic Warranty: Covers repairs and adjustments for material defects in any part of the Lexus.


Powertrain Warranty: Extends coverage to defects in the engine, front and rear wheel drive systems, transmission, and transaxle for 72 months or 70,000 miles.


Hybrid Warranty: Specifically for hybrid models, covering defects in the hybrid control module, hybrid battery, and inverter. The coverage lasts for eight years or 100,000 miles.


Corrosion Warranty: Protects against perforation from corrosion, covering repairs, and replacement of original body panels.


Preventative Maintenance

Every car owner should take steps to prevent issues before they become significant and costly. Preventive maintenance involves regularly inspecting, servicing, and replacing components to prevent your car from breaking down and maintain its overall condition. By implementing preventive measures, you can extend the lifespan of your Lexus vehicle and save yourself from expensive repairs down the road.


Tips for Minimizing Maintenance Costs

Ultimately, your car’s well-being boils down to how well you care for it. 


Don’t forget your regular maintenance and inspections, as catching any issues with your Lexus early on is crucial, allowing mechanics to address them before they escalate. Keeping up with recalls and service campaigns is also essential because it ensures that potential safety concerns are promptly addressed, staying in line with the manufacturer’s recommended improvements.


Lastly, adopt defensive driving practices, including proper use of vehicle equipment and adherence to safe driving habits. This enhances your safety on the road and contributes to keeping your car in optimal condition.


End Note

So, are Lexus cars expensive to maintain? The answer is: it depends. While the upkeep cost may be higher than that of non-luxury cars, Lexus maintenance is still relatively affordable compared to other luxury vehicles, and you have the means to control and minimize the costs through proper care. Consistent adherence to regular maintenance, staying on top of scheduled services, and exercising good driving habits are effective ways to keep your Lexus in optimal condition and manage maintenance expenses. Neglecting these practices, on the other hand, could escalate costs. 


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