Here’s to 2022

New Year, New Me. I’m sure we’ve all heard that expression before.  

  • Signing up for that new gym membership? 
  • Taking that class you’ve had your eye on? Or…. 
  • Just getting out of the house and seeing friends you haven’t seen? 

With a new year comes change, and it’s important to look to the future. We are ramping up for new vehicles constantly, and know the car market has been unprecedented after that last two years. Between microchips and short supply, the car buying experience could be discouraging.  

However, we are ready to turn the corner for 2022. Our very own Larry Mercurio, Sales Manager for Rohrich Honda, is hopeful for the new year. “I think 2022 is going to be an exciting year for car buyers. With the current market, trade ins are worth more money than they’ve ever been worth before, and with the market not being saturated by dozens of not-so-desirable colors and trim levels, it gives people the chance to order what they really want.” 

Plus, let’s not forget the Rohrich advantage, providing free oil changes and state inspections for life, a trade value that even a year ago wouldn’t be realistic. Another one of Larry’s insights for 2022. 

While we recognize the importance of change and the exciting prospects of 2022, we also recognize the importance of consistency. The Rohrich pledge for 2022: 

  • Our customer’s come first. That’s always been our priority and always will be. Even with all of the hurdles the car industry saw in 2021, we placed long time, and new customers, into vehicles best for them and their families.  
  • We also remain steadfast in our commitment to community. This past year we highlighted local businesses and events with our Mazda Monday and Toyota Tailgate Friday. Rohrich Honda also provided rides to and from local events including: a Black Friday Shopping Spree, a beer fest at North Country Brewing, and outdoor entertainment at Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff. We don’t say this to pat ourselves on the back, rather to remind you that we are here for YOU! If you’re a small business looking to promote your next event, an organization fundraising, or just someone who’s ready to trade in their car for a new model, reach out 

Here’s to 2022. A year of change, a year of new vehicles and customization, and a year of continuing to be your neighborhood dealership. 

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