Don’t Ride Dirty This Holiday Season

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can make it difficult to find the time to clean your vehicle. That’s why our guy, Jay Obertance, has some tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your car during the most wonderful time of year (and all year long, for that matter). Besides being one of the top Mazda salespeople in the country, a tremendous baker, and king of the bowtie, he is also admittedly “borderline insane” when it comes to keeping his vehicle clean.  

 Here are some of Jay’s tips for keeping your ride looking fresh:  

All-Weather Floor Mats:One thing that I would recommend is buying a set of All-Weather floor mats for your vehicle through our parts department. All our customers are eligible for a 10% discount on these mats, which would end up costing about $150 for a full set. That money will help protect your carpets from salt and damage, but more importantly, makes cleaning your vehicle so much easier! Just pull the mat right out, shake it off, and put it back in. In the end, investing $150 is obviously cheaper than $300 for a professional interior detailing.”  

Little Vacuums: “Another option is purchasing a small, handheld vacuum to keep in your car. I’ve experimented with these, and they are definitely good for picking up some smaller messes. However, these can fall a little short when it comes to picking up certain kinds of carpet debris. These little vacuums can be helpful for a quick tidy up in between your more powerful vacuum sessions. Which brings me to my last point.”  

More Frequent Quick Cleanings:I think there is this misconception that cleaning your vehicle takes an hour or more of your time, but that is what happens when you let your car go too long without taking care of those interior messes. So, my suggestion would be to grab two dollars in quarters, find a car wash that has a vacuum, and spend 10 minutes (bundled up) vacuuming the inside of your interior. I promise it doesn’t take an hour if you show your car some attention every week or two. “According to Jay, these are all quick things you can do to save time and money in the long run when it comes to keeping the inside of your ride looking good! A little investment and a few minutes a week, and Jay promises it will make you feel so much better to not have crumbs and garbage all over your vehicle.  

“Having a clean car is good for your mental well-being. People feel this immense relief when their house is clean and tidy because they live in it, and believe me, they feel the same way when driving their cars as well,” adds Jay.  

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