Don’t Ignore That Tire Pressure Warning!

We’ve all had mornings where we’re running late and think, “Nothing else can go wrong, right?” Only to look down at the dashboard to see the maintenance light is on. To make matters worse, we push it off to do later, but the reality is your car is warning you for a reason and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

Most of the time, it’s the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Light indicating that the tire pressure is low. Insufficient tire pressure will make it more difficult to drive since it affects the vehicle navigating,hurts the fuel economy, and also increases the risk of a blown out tire. A tire blow out will not only cause serious damage to your vehicle, but could lead to worse consequences for your passengers and other drivers on the road.  

While tire pressure is one of the most common reasons the sensor comes on, there are other serious reasons as well. It could be minimal, such as a sensor that has gone bad or a recent tire replacement setting off the sensor. The sensor also could be alerting you to some more serious things that need attention, such as a damaged tire or extreme changes in weather conditions.  

No matter the case, we highly recommend that you take action as soon as you see a maintenance light come on. Start by checking your tire pressure, and then if you still want a second look, Rohrich Service Center is ready to help you figure out what your vehicle needs. The cold could potentially cost you a lot more than just a free tire fill up at your local gas station, so stay on top of the tire game this winter

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