Customer First: More Like Customer Royalty is the 2022 Pledge

More and more pleased customers are “boasting through posting” these days. The process has been simple, shop with a reputable sales rep, then post the positive service efforts on social media. Buying a car is a serious investment for any person, and our sales staff wants to make sure that it is a positive and comfortable experience. Not many salespeople in ANY industry put the customer first quite like our very own, Jay Obertance.  

Jay is consistently finding creative ways to make certain his customers receive royal treatment with every experience. Just last month, he posted to his personal Facebook page a photo of three out of five cars waiting for pick-up at the dealership. Because Jay always manages to go above and beyond, each car was waxed, cleaned, waiting with a Starbucks gift card under the visor, and the radio stations set to their preferred stations from the customer’s trade-in vehicle. It’s this type of attention to detail that not only makes Jay one of the top five salespeople in the nation, but more importantly it makes his customers’ lives so much easier! 

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