Comedians With Cars In The Winter

Here are some additional safety tips for driving in the winter from Rohrich’s own Jay Obertance and Jason Hudson.

  • Recommended equipment to have in your vehicle during the winter months:
    • Jumper cables or battery jump box
    • Gloves, hat, blanket, coat
    • Quality snow brush and scraper
    • Can of deicer
  • Always make sure you’re over a half tank of gas.
  • Make sure to have quality windshield wipers and make sure wiper fluid is good in below zero temperatures.
  •  Check to make sure that tire pressure isn’t over inflated
  • Invest in snow tires
  • Have tires rotated regularly to maintain fresh treads.
  • Drive with caution:
    • Slow down!
    • No tailgating
    • Avoid slamming on the brakes in slick conditions
    • Use blinkers in a whiteout
    • Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination

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