A Customer First Approach with Marcus Williams

The success of our sales staff at Rohrich Automotive comes from our organization’s commitment to putting our customer first. Not many in the car business prioritize their clients more than Rohrich Honda’s top Sales and Leasing Consultant, Marcus Williams. Over the last few years, he’s combined his superior customer service skills with his social media savvy to give car buyers an experience that they’ll never forget. We recently caught up with Marcus to ask him what it takes to make a great salesman and how relationship building, and Instagram has contributed to his consistently high sales record.  



What makes the Rohrich car buying experience different than others?  

Marcus Williams: “The customer experience at Rohrich Automotive is different than others because we offer the Rohrich Advantage and there is no market adjusting on our vehicles. Additionally, we have multiple convenient service center locations to make the customers’ lives easier.  It’s like we always say, Honda makes the car and Rohrich makes the difference!”


Expand on the importance of customer service in your position? 

MW: “Customer service is important the most important part of my job. I want my customers to know I’m there for them at the point of sale and long after they take their new car off the lot. To me, it’s more than just getting the sale, I want customers to know that I got their back, always.”



Why do you think you’re consistently one of the top salespeople at Rohrich Honda? 

MW: “I am not sure why I’m the top salesman here. I really just try to focus on treating people the way that I would like to be treated.”


How does your activity on social media add to the experience you give customers? 

MW: “Social media helps me to engage with my customers long after they leave our lot. They’re able to go onto Instagram and see themselves or their car and be proud of the purchase they made. It also allows them to keep in touch with me and also continue to see what’s new at Rohrich.”


Get down to Rohrich Honda today and maybe you’ll see yourself in a new vehicle on Marcus William’s Instagram account!

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