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What's A Car Cylinder?

A cylinder is essential in an engine, acting as a mini powerhouse where fuel and air mix, compress, ignite, and expel to generate power. There are normally a 4, 6, or 8-cylinder engine in a car, depending on how big your car is. There are also cylinder engines that are in a straight or V shape. So what are the differences between these engines? Swipe to learn more!

Here are the features of a 4-cylinder engine: • Used for smaller, compact cars • Better fuel efficiency and  gas mileage • Less vibrating and smoother driving experience


Here are some features of a  6-cylinder engine: • Typically in a V shape • More power and strength • Less fuel efficient • More vibrations


Here are some features of a 8-cylinder engine: • Typically in a V shape • Lots of power and strength for big trucks • Least fuel efficient • Lots of vibrations


This depends on your wants and needs. Here are the main things to consider: Determine your driving preferences (adventure, sportiness, luxury). Consider your budget and the  cost of higher-cylinder cars. Assess practical needs like daily commutes or power for towing.

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