The Best Hybrids for 2023 & 2024

If you are starting to scout out  a new car in the next couple of months, you may want to consider investing in a hybrid. Here are some top models for you to take a look at. 


This SUV has been voted #1 in Hybrid SUVs by Kelley Blue Book with an expert rating. This hybrid not only saves on fuel and power but still has the amazing qualities of a compact SUV. 

2024 Honda  CR-V Hybrid 

The Prius has become exponentially more popular throughout the years. This car is rated as the best hybrid car with even better fuel economy, new tech, and unforgettable style.

2023 Toyota Prius  

The Lexus RX is voted the #1 hybrid luxury SUV and rightfully so.  This vehicle has a long-standing track record of reliability and offers its consumers undeniable value. 

2023 Lexus RX  

The Lexus is also the top ranking brand for hybrid luxury cars.  The Lexus ES has an expert ranking and one of the best sedans on the market currently. 

2024 Lexus ES  

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