WHAT Should  I Choose?

A 4-Cylinder vs.  A 6-Cylinder Vehicle

Most cars include a 4,6, and  8-cylinder engine. A cylinder is part of the engine where fuel is combusted and power is generated. Cylinders play a key role in generating engine power, directing piston movement and when to burn fuel. So what does it mean to have a  4-cylinder vehicle vs. a 6-cylinder vehicle? Read along to learn more?

What Is A Car Cylinder?

A 4-cylinder vehicle is very traditional and is in a straight shape (in-line). Smaller cars typically have 4-cylinder engines, known for better fuel efficiency than 6-cylinder engines but with  less power.  They also have a smoother, less vibrational rides due to their compact size.

Cylinder Vehicle


A 6-cylinder engine is normally in a V-shape. As you go up in the number of cylinders, you will tend to have more vibration in the car and more fuel needed. A 6-cylinder will have more power than a 4-cylinder engine.

Cylinder Vehicle


There is no right or wrong answer. It is based on your preferences, needs,  and budget. A 6-cylinder vehicle might be better if you own a boat or use a trailor often. A 4-cylinder vehicle is ideal for frequent travel with minimal cargo or for maximizing  fuel economy.

What Should You Choose?

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