Put the “H”on-da Burgh!

Since 1938 the Rohrich Automotive Group has been a locally owned organization dedicated to providing our customers with affordable and reliable vehicles. There are many ways that our different branded dealerships celebrate our Western Pennsylvanian roots. We express our Pittsburgh pride through community involvement, local sponsorships and by giving customers the hometown service experience that only a family run business can provide! 

This year, our Honda dealership has found a new way to represent our city! As one of the last locally owned Honda dealerships in the region, Rohrich Honda has taken to the streets of the Steel City with the “Put the “H”on-da ‘Burgh” campaign (get it? Like “H” on the). To highlight our great city, we’re taking the Honda emblem and photographing it with the most famous locations around Pittsburgh!


You can see all the photos we’ve taken across the Rohrich Honda social media pages. From the lap of the Mister Rogers statue to the top of the incline, it’s only a matter of time until it gets to your favorite spot in town. Make sure to follow us on social media to tell us where you want to see our emblem next! Primanti Bros? Cathedral of Learning? On top of a pound of Chipped Ham? 

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