Night Driving

We’ve all been there, you’re coming home late and find yourself squinting to see the lines on the road. The glare of the oncoming traffic is forcing you to look away. Night time driving is something we all do but have to remember it requires a lot of attention.

Dr. Wendell, Optometrist and owner of Eye Gotcha gives her thoughts on night driving in a recent blog post on her website.

“Our night vision (especially when driving) can be impaired not only by the darkness, but also by the sudden glares of light from other cars, traffic signals, street lamps, etc. These things force our eyes to constantly adjust, leaving split seconds of impaired vision between adjustments.”

Don’t worry! Dr. Wendel has some suggestions.

“Whatever your age, there are things that can improve your sight at night. Often there are simple adjustments that can be made to your eyeglasses or contacts prescription that help… And of course, if you’re at a point where your night vision is seriously impaired, avoid night driving and plan such activities for the daytime.”

If you’re worried about your night vision be sure to schedule an appointment with your optometrist.

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